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Michael’s regional teaching journey

29 May 2019

Last week we heard from Michael, our teach.NSW Senior Education Officer, about how he started his regional teaching journey. This week, Michael talks about how technology aids his teaching practice.

When I started my teaching journey in regional NSW, I was worried that I wouldn’t have access to the same teaching tools and technologies that I had access to in metropolitan Sydney. I knew that students in country NSW also needed to be prepared for tomorrow’s world. I embedded digitally rich resources and technologies into our classroom curriculum so they could excel and flourish in the economies of the future.

Consequently, I took advantage of the free access to Google’s G Suite for Education provided by the NSW Department of Education, just one example of the easy, practical digital solutions that can aid your time working in regional NSW.

With its user friendly interface, G Suite quickly became a hub of how I organised my classroom activities. It was easy to set up and manage my classroom through the staff portal. I could customise my classroom to meet the learning needs of my students and add them using their emails.

With the ability to work seamlessly across devices, G Suite allowed my students to collaborate and work on activities in the classroom and continue working on assigned activities at home. This meant that despite the geographical distance we were from Sydney, learning continued to be as equitable as possible.

With access to the suite of digital tools and resources available to teachers throughout NSW public schools, teaching in rural and remote locations has never been easier.

Michael’s regional NSW teaching story

22 May 2019

Michael Lambe is a new Senior Education Officer representing teach.NSW in 2019. Here we find out how Michael, born and raised in the city, came to start his teaching career in the regional centre of Griffith.

It was in the final week of my final practical placement that the reality of needing to find work began to loom large.

To be honest, although I always knew, as many of us do, that I wanted to be a teacher, I didn’t have a clear path mapped out for my career… I was so full of enthusiasm and optimism, but with no real steps in place to achieve my goals.

So there I was, ready to change the world with no real clue how I was going to do it, when a text message notification appeared on my phone. It was from the Head Teacher of English at Griffith High School, where I had completed a regional prac several months earlier, offering me work for the remainder of the year. Overwhelmed, I didn’t know how to react, on one hand I was excited and grateful for the opportunity, on the other, anxious and apprehensive.

I worried about all the obvious things - leaving my friends behind, not knowing anyone … What if it all turns out to be a huge mistake and a zombie apocalypse happens while I’m out there?

Naturally, I raised these concerns with my family and friends, but in the end I decided to jump in and just do it.

I finished my practical placement on Thursday, packed the car, did the drive and was teaching in Griffith the following Monday. That was over four years ago.

It turned out that the experiences I was given at Griffith High School established my teaching practice and gave me opportunities I would be waiting years for in a metropolitan school. If not for this experience, I would never have been given the opportunity to be in my current role at this stage of my career.

During my time in regional NSW, I was fortunate enough to learn from and be mentored by an amazing group of teachers with years of experience and curriculum knowledge. Teachers who I now proudly call friends for life and people I still keep in regular contact with. I was given the privilege to become a Year Advisor and support a wonderful year group and their families. I was given the opportunity to be a relieving Head Teacher and most importantly I was able to have an impact.

Moving to Griffith was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, but leaving Griffith was even harder. However, one of the great things about working for such a large education system is that great new opportunities present themselves.

In my current role as a Senior Education Officer with teach.NSW, I get to travel across NSW promoting the values of NSW public education and why there is no other job in the world that is as amazing as being a teacher.

I don’t know where the next stop on my journey will be but I am excited to see what the rest of my adventure is going to look like. My name is Michael Lambe and I am a teacher. I make a difference in NSW public education.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

15 May 2019

Video Transcript

The Wagga Wagga area, on the Murrumbidgee River, is the hub of the Riverina region. Here you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a relaxed lifestyle and access to excellent amenities, vibrant culture and fantastic schools.

Boree Creek Public School is right on your doorstep and offers a real family feel within the school, whilst providing you with excellent incentives and benefits such as a 50% rental subsidy.

Find out more about the Wagga Wagga area and what incentives and benefits are on offer in rural and remote NSW.

Scholarship email alert!

15 May 2019

Do you know any HSC students, family members or friends interested in teaching as a career? The NSW Department of Education offers a range of scholarship programs for pre-service teacher education students, each with the guarantee of a permanent teaching position.

Encourage them to sign up for an email alert today and get notified when applications open.

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Join something special

01 May 2019

Video Transcript

NSW public schools in rural and remote locations are as unique and diverse as the communities they serve and the students they educate.

Hear principals speak first-hand about the opportunities that teaching in a rural or remote school can offer. Develop your teaching skills, enhance your leadership capabilities, and enjoy a range of financial incentives and professional benefits.

Choose rural and join something special when you apply for a position in a remote or rural location.

Teach agriculture at Narrabri High School

17 April 2019

Are you ready to make the move to the north west and call Narrabri your new home? Narrabri is an agricultural centre rich both in cotton and wheat. Agriculture studies run from Years 7 to 12 and the school also runs a very successful primary industry program.

The school builds on existing relationships with local industry and business, giving students enhanced access to vocational education offerings. You can be a part of the exciting opportunities at Narrabri High School, plus you may be eligible for a one-off $10,000 appointment bonus.

Successful applicants should have approval and/or willingness to teach agriculture
years 7 – 12 as well as an approval to teach or preparedness to undertake VET teacher training in VPG – Primary Industries General Agriculture.


I moved here in 1987, and I still call it home.'

Dinos Charalambous – School Principal – Narrabri High School

Teach and make Brewarrina your home

10 April 2019

Set on the Barwon-Darling River in northern NSW, the Brewarrina area boasts a laid back lifestyle and friendly community. Brewarrina Central School is the heart of the community offering excellent career opportunities for teachers as well as a 90% rental subsidy for both permanent and temporary positions.

See how far teach.Rural can take you – view the 33 destination profiles, including Brewarrina, and find out about the benefits and incentives that await you.

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March 2019

Starting out as a casual teacher

27 March 2019

On gaining your approval to teach in NSW public schools it is likely you will explore opportunities to work as a casual teacher.

Casual teaching can be a great way to start your teaching career. It offers variety and flexibility, plus it gives you the opportunity to grow your professional network while you gain valuable teaching experience.

The NSW Department of Education has teamed up with ClassCover to connect you to hundreds of NSW public schools. You may also approach your local public schools directly with your resume to advise them that you are available for casual teaching positions.

Don’t forget to complete the department’s mandatory anaphylaxis and e-emergency care training modules before you begin.

Here’s one teacher’s perspective on the benefits of casual teaching:

‘I began my teaching journey as a casual teacher and it was a great way to gain experience in teaching multiple grades across many schools whilst remaining under the one employer. Take casual teaching seriously - it opened the door to full-time work for me and could for you too,’ says Kayla.

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Put yourself in the picture!

27 March 2019

Applications for scholarship-funded study tours in 2020 are now open! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to travel in Australia or overseas and explore your teaching subject area.
Applications will close 28 April 2019.

Find out more and apply! >>

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February 2019

Be part of something bigger

27 February 2019

Teaching with the NSW Department of Education means you belong to a network of creative, innovative and experienced professionals who are change makers within our community. Working for the largest education system in Australia means you will have outstanding opportunities for growth and development in your career.

#GreatPlaceToWork #teachNSW

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Living and working in rural NSW

20 February 2019

Stacey, a primary teacher from Coonamble Public School, knows first-hand the opportunities and benefits that come with working in a rural or remote NSW public school, such as a 70% rental subsidy, the Rural Teacher Incentive and many more. If you’re thinking of applying for rural or remote positions, make sure you check out the great incentives available on our benefits and incentives page.

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Sign up for a careers in teaching VC

06 February 2019

Do you know senior students who have what it takes to become a teacher in a NSW public school? Support them by booking a 30 minute careers in teaching videoconference today!

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Welcome back western division schools!

06 February 2019

Welcome back to teachers and other staff members in western division NSW public schools. We hope you enjoyed the extra week’s break.

For others considering a new adventure, check out the benefits and incentives available to teachers in rural and remote NSW public schools. Have a look at the job opportunities this week and see how far teach.Rural can take you.

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January 2019

Keep up to date with teach.NSW

30 January 2019

Remember to check JobFeed and our website regularly throughout the year, plus follow teach.NSW on social media to stay up to date on great opportunities with the largest employer of teachers in Australia - one that serves more than 810,000 students.

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NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships

30 January 2019

Facilitating a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten is the job of many teachers, and for Kris Graham, a recipient of a NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship, it was an area she was very keen to explore more deeply.

‘Being awarded the 2016 Premier’s Early Childhood Education Council Early Childhood Scholarship provided a unique opportunity for me to learn from experts nationally and internationally, and experience first-hand the amazing work being conducted by other educators,’Kris told us.

Kris now enjoys the benefits that the scholarship provided her, and that in turn benefits her students. She says the best aspect was ` … being given time and funds to explore and learn about an area of passion for my career.

The NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarships open on 11 February 2019. Be notified when the scholarships open by subscribing to our free email alert service.

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