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My outback experience

07 December 2018

I have just returned from a whirlwind two-week road trip through the state’s north west where, with videographers Anh and Dane, I was able to meet some outstanding teachers, principals and students at NSW public schools in Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Coonamble and Nyngan.

Our trip was part of a program of work showcasing teaching and living in rural and remote locations, through short videos published on the teach.NSW web and social sites. The videos aim to inspire both future and current teachers to go rural.

Our itinerary was jam-packed every day trying to capture all the incredible opportunities available to residents in these towns. In just one weekend our host Ella, a teacher at Cobar High School took us to a park run, a triathlon, some beautiful heritage sites, some stunning boutique stores and, of course, lots of great places to eat!

A rural dream, now a reality

I felt I had sampled a little bit of what makes Cobar a great place to live and work, and it was the same at every stop on the trip. It is fantastic to be able to work in a rural and remote community and not feel you need to sacrifice your quality of life or access to goods and services.

Travelling through the north west of the state has changed my perspective on working and living in rural communities. Although many of these towns are geographically isolated, as soon as you set foot in one, you are welcomed. The community values the teachers who have made the move and the teachers we met were equally loving their choice to teach rural.

A rural dream, now a reality

If you’re thinking about a career teaching rural, now is the time to make the move. The newly announced Rural Teacher Incentive package will be in place from January 2019. It offers staff at eligible schools additional payments of up to $20,000 - $30,000 per annum along with many more incentives and benefits.

Sound too good to be true? Check out what’s on offer at the teach.NSW website and visit the Be inspired page to see how other people have already made the move rural.

From the classroom to the English Channel

07 December 2018

Brenda’s self-motivation, resilience and determination were key to her success in finishing the twelve hours of freestyle across the English Channel in August.

A rural dream, now a reality

A PDHPE teacher and a local hero in the Edward River Region, Brenda ‘ … is an exemplary role model for the young people we teach,’ says Robyn, Deputy Principal at Deniliquin High School.

Brenda established Channel 4 Change, which stemmed from her ambition to complete the more than 32 kilometre swim, as ‘ … a way to raise awareness about the importance of mental health for young people in rural areas.'

A rural dream, now a reality

Brenda’s extraordinary commitment to her solo training program took her across an amazing variety of locations - the local Edward River, a recreational swimming pool 75km away, and even the beach, which was a four-hour drive from Deniliquin.

Brenda was overwhelmed by the support she received from her students. ‘They are her biggest supporters … They really understood and valued what she was doing,’ says Robyn.

‘I hope that my swim will empower the community and get mental health on the map and that through my swim I will grab people’s attention, not on me personally, but on my message … and have youth, particularly in my community, talking about mental health,’ says Brenda.

The positive role teachers can play in their school communities undeniably makes teaching one of the most rewarding career choices. You might not choose to swim the English Channel, but you too can make a difference by becoming a teacher in a NSW public school!

ClassCover for casual teachers

07 December 2018

In 2018 the NSW Department of Education launched ClassCover as the preferred platform for booking casual teachers.

There has been a strong take-up of the app-based casual booking system. As of Term 4, 2018 there are more than 1,350 NSW public schools and over 22,000 teachers registered with the service.

If you're interested in casual teaching with the department consider using this service for gaining casual work. It's fast, it's convenient and it's free to use.

Go online to create your ClassCover profile. There are prompts to add your personal details such as qualifications, experience, and subject and location preferences. Then, you'll be ready to download the app on your phone and begin managing your availability and bookings! You can also upload files to the app such as your NESA accreditation, Working with Children Check clearance and mandatory training transcripts so they're always available.

If you’re not already with ClassCover, what are you waiting for? Register today!

Find your work/life balance

07 December 2018

The benefits and incentives available to teachers and executives working in incentivised rural and remote public schools could contribute to being you, better.

When living in a rural or remote community you will experience a profound sense of community spirit and support, making it a great place to call home.

The opportunity to relocate and make a difference to students in rural communities has never looked better with the NSW Department of Education’s attractive range of incentives and professional benefits on offer. Depending on the school and position you could be eligible for a rural teacher incentive of up to $20,000-$30,000 gross per annum, a retention benefit and additional professional development days.

Choose rural and take advantage of the new incentives and benefits and create a work/life balance suited to you.

Find that teaching job!

07 December 2018

There are fantastic opportunities for teachers seeking employment with the NSW Department of Education, with great locations, part-time and full-time employment opportunities, and casual, temporary and permanent positions available.

New permanent teaching positions are published through the I work for NSW website. This is a great place for you to find the latest permanent teaching jobs right across NSW public schools.

The weekly teach.NSW publication, JobFeed, is a convenient service which draws together a listing of permanent positions published through the I work for NSW site, along with a range of temporary job opportunities. Subscribe to the email service or view the jobs on the JobFeed webpage.

When doing your research about employment with the department, be sure to explore the NSW Department of Education website to learn about the department’s activities and priorities.

You should also visit the teach.NSW website to discover great opportunities for future and current teachers, including a wide range of scholarship and sponsorship programs, along with a wealth of information about your pathway to a career in NSW public schools.

Happy job hunting!