I've got a lot of teachers in my family and I just always kinda knew, like I was that kid that always helped other kids out and use to make my sisters come to school on the weekend where they come in the cubby house and I'd give them work sheets for home work [laughs] so they loved me for that but yeah, I always just knew.

I got appointed to Currans Hill public school in southwest Sydney and I was very excited I moved over here for the job it was really good because the scholarship guaranteed me a permanent position so I was basically set so I knew that I had that stability to be able to move for work because I was coming into a permanent job the principal was really easy to get along with and to approach in times of need and being a first year out teacher I needed a lot of support and it was really great to know that I had someone there to support me and I had a nice little network of people have who were happy to help out and sort of help to make that first year a success.

First and foremost don't be scared of special education I think sometimes it gets a bad wrap and
people are scared that it's going to be just all challenging but it's so rewarding and it's so much fun and I couldn't think of a better job. 

Before you think "oh no I can't do that, it's too hard" go and have a look in some classes and see you might just end up liking it and think that's a good avenue because I know I didn't go into teaching thinking I
was going to be in special ed but when I got in schools I then decided and I was kinda scared to
start with I thought "how am I gonna do with all these challenging behaviors and stuff" but then you get to know the kids and you get to know how wonderful each kid is and how unique they are and then it's not so challenging anymore.