I think I had always wanted a career in science, I studied it through school, I studied it at University and it had always interested me, so I think science was maybe the real driving factor for my education career.

What I liked the most about science was working with others, now that was sometimes working as a mentor whether it was through tutoring or group work at University and I had really no idea what type of science career I wanted.

Once I'd finished university and I just happened to read, via some university emails, about the teacher education scholarship, so once I'd read into it a bit more it really ticked every box. As much as the cliché is that teaching is so rewarding, it's something that you can almost look back on every single day and see that something you've done has made an impact, whether it's to a student, whether it's to another faculty member, it's something that because every day so different you know your hard work is generally always valued and you can really get out
what you put into it.

The teacher education scholarship program really made the transition from university to a professional career quite easy. It's very stressful, I think, starting a new career especially in a demanding industry like education, but just making that transition quite easy allows you to find
your feet and develop what type of professional you want to be without the added problems such as needing to search for employment. Having that permanent job security makes it almost a 'no brainer' decision for me.