I'm at an excellent school in an excellent area…definitely apply - Kirli


NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW interviewed Kirli, an infants/primary teacher and recipient of the Teacher Education Scholarship – Aboriginal.


The video begins with Kirli engaging with her students in the classroom. Kirli is speaking interview style directly to the camera, and as she speaks, the picture occasionally changes to show a variety of shots in which Kirli is interacting with her class, doing things like reading aloud, and supervising writing activities.


I think I knew from a really early age that I wanted to be a teacher. There were a number of teachers who impacted upon my life, and I think the ones who brought about positive change in my life, they have just changed my life for the better, and if I can give back to a career that gave to me in such a way then I'd be doing this career some service, and also a lot of kids a good deed I think, so… I love teaching and I think I'm made for it. I'm sure there are many other people who are made for it too.


Kirli’s students are all sitting on the floor. They are facing her, some of them have their hands up.

Kirli [to students]:

Who got three? You guys can go and get recess that's amazing.


Cut back to Kirli, who continues to speak interview style directly to the camera, with occasional activity footage as before.


The Aboriginal teacher education scholarship had a ridiculous amount of opportunities and benefits listed to it. I was given text book allowance, I was supported by the unit to be able to finish my degree, they were calling me and asking how it's going and do I need anything, which is just amazing support, it's beautiful. I mean, I'm at an excellent school in an excellent area and it's just a great opportunity.

Definitely apply.

Closing Title

The video ends with a fade out to the teach.NSW logo