Josh - Aboriginal scholar

Josh - Aboriginal scholar

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW interviewed Josh, a PD/Health/PE teacher and recipient of the Teacher Education Scholarship – Aboriginal.


The video begins with Josh engaged in leading exercises with his students in the school gym.
Josh is speaking interview style to the camera, and as he speaks, the camera changes to show a variety of action shots, including students playing a variety of different sports and Josh teaching students in a classroom.


I found out about the scholarships in Year 12 from my Careers Adviser when I was tossing up between, alright, do I do PE teaching, do I do this other sporting type career, and I think that line was what convinced me, well you know what, you might as well just apply for this scholarship. That way, if you get it, that’s going to help you with your PE teaching immensely.

I guess my biggest motivation is what I do day in day out with my classes in terms of PD/H/PE and also getting Aboriginal culture into the school a lot more. And obviously the other main thing that motivates me is, in terms of sport, seeing kids develop with different sports. It’s always good to see how kids can go from ‘oh, I don’t like that sport’ just because they’re not that skilled in it, and amazingly they change into this person that really loves doing sport because they’ve built up their skills, and they can play the sport with everyone else in the class, they don’t feel like the person that’s left out anymore.

For me personally, in my teaching, I always take into account that if a student is really quiet all of a sudden, or if they’re constantly not doing something and they’re, just, they’re not trying, I always find out why, and from even just this year when I have delved into that about their background, about what’s actually going on, I actually find out as to why they aren’t doing this, it’s not because they’re a bad kid - there’s never any bad kids anymore for me - it’s more about what’s actually happening in their lives that’s causing a type of behaviour. I think that’s probably a major thing that I’ve taken into my teaching experiences and strategies from my personal experiences.

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The video ends with a fade out to the teach.NSW logo