I'm Kimberley Armstrong, a teach rural scholar doing a bachelor of mathematics, bachelor of secondary teaching at the University of Newcastle.

I grew up in Lismore went to Albert Park. For kindergarten and year 1, I went to Lismore South after that I went to high school at Richmond River in Lismore. I always wanted to be a teacher; I'd even wanted to be a teacher in primary school. When I went to high school I always enjoyed maths and I really liked my math teachers, they were helpful and kind and, I just decided that's what I wanted to do.

I'm really enjoying the maths course, it's challenging and its fun and, I'll continue to enjoy it for the next four years. At the end of that I will enjoy the placement being able to teach it to my class

If someone is considering applying for a teach rural scholarship I say go for it. The six thousand dollars a year I get from the teach.rural scholarship program will mean that I can afford my books and I don't have to worry about my parents pay for my university. I can support myself a bit and the job at the end means that I don't have to worry about getting a position somewhere that I'm always going to have a job guarantee that the end.

I came from a reasonably rural region and I've never been a fan of big cities and places like Newcastle are even a bit of a stretch. I will enjoy going back to the smaller towns where its more intimate with the children.

Teach and make a difference.