As a great teaching, inspired learning intern your day can look quite different from day to day depending on what's happening around the school. I've spent the majority of my time here in the support unit, the whole school has been very accepting and welcoming of me, all the teachers have allowed me in their classrooms and have allowed me to observe them and to learn from them, it's been awesome.

I find Kincumber High School to be a really beautiful school, the support kids are integrated into mainstream for a lot of things, so for sport, for PE, we do a lot of things together. They're accepted throughout the school and I think that's one of the best things about this school, the acceptance of the kids in the support unit. I feel like being in this school you feel like you've been there for quite a while now, so you learn the in's and out's of the school.

This professional development gives a better understanding of what happens through the accreditation process. We got a better understanding of teaching, that you're not just a teacher for six or seven hours a day, you're a teacher for your life. You go home and you're still thinking in your head what can I do to make myself better tomorrow, what can I do improve this lesson for my kids.

So it's all about living, living life as a teacher and you learn that through the program. I feel like I'm better equipped to be a classroom teacher, now than what I would have been without that experience.