Rachel - cadetship

NSW Department of Education

A day in the life of cadet is, you walk in, you sign in, you write what time you got here I do little thing signature, you go up to your desk, you greet all the colleagues you'd see everyone, talk to them. I look up on the board and see jobs that they have for me to do, like I usually have a to do, some it might involve marking, it might involve writing assessment task notification or writing an assessment task or what classes they want help in.

My mentor for the GTIL cadetship has been Jessica Rudd. I've been able to watch Jess and see how she interacts student and how students interact back with her and it's taught me what to do and what not to do in the classroom and what to say students how to make them like you as a teacher. So all her experience and just the way she acts helps me observe and learn and be able to do it when I become a teacher.

I've always had a lot of confidence working with kids. When I was in class in year 12 I used to help other students in the room and show them how it's done, I was kind of a leader in terms of learning. I think that's what makes want to be a teacher. I always enjoyed helping other kids learn and seeing them grow.