Naomi - Bringing an awareness of Aboriginal culture to the classroom


teach.NSW interviewed Naomi, a Teacher Education Scholarship - Aboriginal recipient. She talks about the importance of integrating Aboriginal culture into her teaching methodology and the pride she has for her heritage. She also shares her favourite part of teaching.


The video begins with opening titles: ‘Teacher Education Scholarships - Aboriginal’

We are then introduced to Naomi who is speaking interview-style to camera. As she speaks, the video shows various shots of Naomi and her students using paint equipment in the art classroom at Narrandera High School. We are also briefly shown some Aboriginal artwork produced for NAIDOC 2016, the town centre of Narrandera, and Naomi interacting with fellow staff members.


I believe it's really important to have Aboriginal teachers in schools because, especially as an art teacher, I bring an awareness of Aboriginal culture to the classroom, and educate other students around us.

I've integrated my heritage into my teaching by bringing different aspects of my culture from the Biripi nation as well as Wiradjuri, getting community members and Elders into the classroom and getting them to help me teach as well, I think it's a really great way of conveying Indigenous culture in the classroom.

The most rewarding thing about my job is when I get that lightbulb moment as soon as a student picks up what I understood and they have this discovery of “Oh, this is what they've been talking about for years!” and they get it, and they're so happy with themselves. That's my favourite part of teaching.

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