Jenaya - Teacher Education Scholarship - Aboriginal recipient


teach.NSW interviewed Jenaya, a Teacher Education Scholarship - Aboriginal recipient and primary teacher based at Gymea Bay Public School in southern Sydney, NSW. She spoke of the joy of sharing Aboriginal cultures with her students, and the supportive benefits that the scholarship brought her.


The video begins with opening text: ‘Teacher Education Scholarships - Aboriginal’.

Then we are introduced to Jenaya, who speaks interview-style to camera. The words ‘Jenaya: Teacher Education Scholarship - Aboriginal recipient & primary teacher’ appear on screen.

As she speaks, the video transitions to a montage of scenes which depict some Aboriginal styled artwork on display at the school, and Jenaya interacting with students and staff members inside and outside her classroom. There is a sense of happiness among her students and camaraderie among her colleagues.


“I think my Aboriginality brings to the classroom something so special. The children are immersed in the culture that I bring in and they’re able to explore not just my culture but the other cultures in the classroom as well.

“One of the best features of the Teacher Education Scholarship - Aboriginal is the support and the encouragement from the department for me pursuing my teaching career. The financial support has definitely taken the stress off going through uni and going on our pracs as well.

“In my first year as a full-time teacher, I am most proud of making learning exciting for my children and giving them the opportunity to learn every day and know that they are going to be safe and supported in this classroom.

“The advice I’d give to someone who’s applying for this scholarship is just to give it a go!

“Kick-start your teaching career with a scholarship!”

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