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JobFeed 06 February 2019

Sign up for a careers in teaching VC

Do you know senior students who have what it takes to become a teacher in a NSW public school? Support them by booking a 30 minute careers in teaching videoconference today!

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JobFeed 06 February 2019

Welcome back western division schools!

Welcome back to teachers and other staff members in western division NSW public schools. We hope you enjoyed the extra week’s break.

For others considering a new adventure, check out the benefits and incentives available to teachers in rural and remote NSW public schools. Have a look at the job opportunitiesthis week and see how far teach.Rural can take you.

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JobFeed 30 January 2019

Remember to check JobFeed and our website regularly throughout the year, plus follow teach.NSW on social media to stay up to date on great opportunities with the largest employer of teachers in Australia - one that serves more than 810,000 students.

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JobFeed 30 January 2019

NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships

Facilitating a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten is the job of many teachers, and for Kris Graham, a recipient of a NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarship, it was an area she was very keen to explore more deeply.

‘Being awarded the 2016 Premier’s Early Childhood Education Council Early Childhood Scholarship provided a unique opportunity for me to learn from experts nationally and internationally, and experience first-hand the amazing work being conducted by other educators,’Kris told us.

Kris now enjoys the benefits that the scholarship provided her, and that in turn benefits her students. She says the best aspect was ` … being given time and funds to explore and learn about an area of passion for my career.

The NSW Premier’s Teacher Scholarships open on 11 February 2019. Be notified when the scholarships open by subscribing to our free email alert service.

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JobFeed 12 December 2018

That's a wrap!

Thank you! JobFeed 2018

As we begin to wrap up 2018 we are excited for the new year and what it brings. Throughout the coming year we will bring you the latest temporary and permanent positions, and other great opportunities for future and current teachers.

Be prepared for the year ahead and sign up for our email alerts for our scholarship and sponsorship programs. Don’t miss these opportunities. Sign up to be notified as new scholarships and sponsorships open!

This is our final JobFeed for this year. Our next edition of JobFeed will be published on Wednesday 9 January 2019. Thank you for your support throughout 2018.

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JobFeed 5 December 2018

Open yourself to new opportunities

Video Transcript

Open yourself to new opportunities and embrace Leeton, in inland southern NSW, as your career destination of choice.

Leeton and the surrounding area are frequently referred to as the ‘food bowl of Australia’. With a large proportion of NSW’s vegetables produced in this area, it’s easy to see why.

Find out about the benefits and incentives that are available to temporary and permanent teachers and immerse yourself in the abundance of the Leeton area.

Read more about rural teaching >>

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JobFeed 5 December 2018

Early Career Summer School conference

Get a head start on the school term and get expert advice, guidance and wellbeing support from experienced teachers and teacher mentors. The Summer School 2019 conference is targeted to teachers who are at the beginning, or in the early stages, of their career.

Find out more and register today! >>

The two-day Summer School 2019 conference will be hosted in Parramatta on 21-22 January 2019. Register your interest today!

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JobFeed 28 November 2018

Thousands of opportunities in JobFeed

Did you know that there have been more than 3990 jobs featured in JobFeed so far this year? JobFeed is a great tool for job seekers and now has well over 70,000 subscribers.

We also present other great opportunities throughout the year on JobFeed, including scholarships for future teachers and sponsorship programs for current teachers.

Don’t miss these opportunities. Sign up to be notified as new scholarships and sponsorships open!

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JobFeed 28 November 2018

Wagga Wagga High School

Greg, a teacher at Wagga Wagga High School, enjoys the feeling of freedom offered by living and teaching in a regional town.

‘What I really like about living in Wagga is that it gives you geographic space, it gives you personal space and it gives you mental space too,’ explains Greg.

If the space and freedom of living and working in a regional centre like Wagga Wagga sounds appealing to you then don’t miss the temporary vacancies this week at Wagga Wagga High School!

Teacher Wagga Wagga High School Years 7 - 12 (Full Time).
Approval to teach mathematics (years 7 - 12). 29/01/2019 - 13/04/2019.
Email Tania Maddison or phone 02 6925 3611. Map

Teacher Wagga Wagga High School Years 7 - 12 (Full Time).
Approval to teach English (years 7 - 12). 29/01/2019 - 13/04/2019.
Email Tania Maddison or phone 02 6925 3611. Map

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JobFeed 21 November 2018

Find your spot in the Parkes area

Video Transcript

Trundle Central School is a scenic 40 minute drive north-west of Parkes. The Parkes area, which includes the surrounding towns of Peak Hill, Bogan Gate, Trundle and Tullamore, offers the convenience of a regional city with a laid-back feel of a much smaller community.

Trundle Central School provides opportunities for career growth and experience within its K-12 central school setting. Working alongside a collaborative team and with 21st century technology and facilities available, such as a gym, industrial kitchen and workshop, there’s every chance that you will never leave!

Teacher housing is one of the benefits of living in a rural location. ‘The purpose-built teacher housing in this town would be of very high rental value in a regional location, allowing teachers to come here, establish their career and save for their future,’ says John Southon, Principal, Trundle Central School.

Find out about the benefits and incentives that are available to temporary and permanent teachers and immerse yourself in the community of the Parkes area.

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JobFeed 21 November 2018

Alert me - NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarships

Michael Turner, Transition Advisor at Mitchell High School, was awarded the Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies Scholarship.

His quest to find the answer to the question, ‘Is Virtual Reality the possible educational "game changer" that people are saying?’ led him to the USA to experience the experience of others and bring them back for other teachers to use in their classrooms with their students.

With a NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarship, you could spend five weeks in Australia or overseas, exploring your field of teaching expertise. Applications for scholarship-funded study tours in 2020 will open in early 2019. Subscribe to our Alert Me list to be notified when scholarships applications open!

Alert me! >>

“Being in one of the largest tech hubs in the world and speaking to builders and users of the VR in education space has been invaluable to my learning on the topic of VR and its use in education. I guess, you could say, I struck gold. Virtually, of course.”
Michael Turner, Transition Advisor at Mitchell High School

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JobFeed 14 November 2018

Two significant opportunities to make a difference

Walgett Community College is currently seeking two outstanding leaders to take up Executive Principal positions at its primary and secondary campuses.

Walgett Community College is a Connected Communities school. Connected Communities is a key strategy to drive improved educational outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people.

As an Executive Principal, you will be a part of an innovative approach to addressing the educational and social aspirations of all students at the college. Through co-leadership and co-decision making with the local Aboriginal community you will manifest the development and delivery of responsive and culturally relevant teaching and learning programs and a culture of engagement, innovation and achievement.

For the successful applicants an incentive and professional package will be negotiated. For full details refer to the job advertisements.

Explore what it is like to live and work in Walgett and information on the benefits and incentives available.

If you are motivated to take the next step in your career and seek to make a key difference in a rural community, apply now.

Apply now (Primary campus) >>

Apply now (Secondary campus) >>

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JobFeed 14 November 2018

Schools Spectacular 2018

Here at teach.NSW we love the department’s annual Schools Spectacular, a wonderful showcase of extraordinary talent found in NSW public schools. Don’t miss it – book now for Friday 23 or Saturday 24 November!

Book tickets! >>

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JobFeed 07 November 2018

Join our teach.NSW team as a Senior Education Officer

The role of a Senior Education Officer (SEO) with the NSW Department of Education is unique and rewarding.

Current SEO, Kayla, says, ‘Working with the Branding and Promotions team within the department’s Human Resources area has helped me gain a wider understanding of how the department operates as a whole and how its strategic plan is implemented. I feel that I have significantly grown professionally from this experience thus far.’

The role requires someone who is enthusiastic and motivated in the work that they do, collaborating creatively across teams within Human Resources and beyond. ‘As a teacher I work best when surrounded by a supportive and collaborative team and it is great to have experienced this as an SEO in this team,’ says Kayla.

Teachers in the SEO role hold an important position within the team, where they bring their teaching capabilities and knowledge to develop and promote key program initiatives.

‘As a teacher I have been able to offer my perspective on campaigns and projects, where I have taken the lead to work creatively with colleagues. I am valued and respected for the teaching knowledge that I bring and it’s just a fantastic team to be a part of,’ says Kayla.

If you’re looking for a unique challenge and rewarding role promoting careers in NSW public education in 2019, apply now!

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JobFeed 07 November 2018

ClassCover works for casual teachers

Teachers seeking casual employment with NSW Department of Education public schools will find the new ClassCover application an essential ingredient in getting work.

Earlier in the year, the department announced ClassCover as the preferred platform for booking casual teachers. The result has been outstanding. As of term 4, 2018 there are more than 1,250 NSW public schools registered with the service – almost twice as many as this time last year.

Go to ClassCover and create your profile for free! You will be prompted to add your details such as your qualifications, experience and subject and location preferences.

You can reduce the time needed when accepting casual work by uploading files, such as your approval to teach letter, Working with Children Check confirmation, and anaphylaxis and e-emergency certificates. Schools will still need to confirm these before you can start work, but having them on your profile means they’re always available.

Then, you’ll be ready to download the app on your phone and begin managing your availability and bookings!

Find out more! >>

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