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The teach.NSW team travelled to West Wyalong in central western NSW where they interviewed three people: Reece, a student at West Wyalong High School, Melissa, a teacher at Wyalong Public School, and Greg, the principal at West Wyalong High School.

Reece aspires to become a teacher, and has been undertaking work experience at Wyalong Public School. Melissa and Greg praise Reece’s professionalism and leadership qualities, while Reece feels very supported in his ambition.


The video begins with an outline of the state of NSW showing a dot that marks the approximate location of West Wyalong. The outline transitions to an establishing shot of the town centre. From there, we are introduced to Reece, Melissa, and Greg.

The video follows Reece, giving glimpses of his life at high school, at home, and his work experience with Melissa and her students at Wyalong Public School.


Reece has got this level of professionalism that is very rare in someone his age.


When he got into probably Year 9, Year 10, and you saw a kid grow up very, very quickly, and automatically he was identified as a leader within the school.


Growing up in West Wyalong is great. You have close friends from the get-go. You're close to a river, you're close to a dam, you can go yabbying, go fishing, you've got all your sport.

My work experience up at Wyalong Public School has shaped my future of what I want to do – become a teacher. They have definitely supported me, and they're the reason why I want to come back and teach here.


I would certainly be very proud to see Reece become a teacher. A lot of kids aspire to be a little bit like him because he's such an athlete, as well as a dedicated academic student.


I'm stoked. I would have him in my classroom any day of the week.

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Teach and make West Wyalong your home.

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