teach.Rural - Teach and make Wagga Wagga area your home!

teach.Rural - Teach and make Wagga Wagga area your home!

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The teach.NSW team travelled to the Wagga Wagga area in central southern NSW where they interviewed two people: Josh and Elissa, who are teachers at Boree Creek Public School.

Josh speaks about his first experiences and what makes teaching in a rural school unique, while Elissa praises the school and its facilities.


The video begins with an outline of the state of NSW showing a dot that marks the approximate location of Boree Creek, in the Wagga Wagga area. The outline transitions to an aerial shot looking down on Boree Creek Public School. From there, we are individually introduced to Josh and Elissa who speak interview-style to camera.

While Josh and Elissa speak, the video shows a montage of scenes at Boree Creek Public School in which they and their students are engaged in various activities in classroom and outdoor settings.


So on my first day at Boree Creek Public School, the kids got off the bus and hung their bags up and they walked up onto the verandah in a single file and individually shook my hand and welcomed me to Boree Creek Public School. It was a very humbling experience.


As soon as we have a visitor from outside of the rural area, they walk in and they go ‘Wow! This place is amazing’.


Boree Creek Public School is a small school, but it caters to a large area. And so when I work with these students, I am working with a large rural community.


We've got a nice blend of a natural bush setting as well as state-of-the-art classrooms.


For any temporary or permanent teachers looking for a change, I highly recommend going into a rural school. It's just an amazing experience that you won't regret, and I'm quite certain you'll stay.

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Teach and make Wagga Wagga area your home.

Find out more: teach.nsw.edu.au

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