Western NSW - How far can teach.Rural take you?

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW travelled to many parts of NSW to cast a spotlight on the benefits and opportunities of teaching in rural and remote places. This video is a montage of scenes which were filmed in various locations around western NSW.


The video begins with a wide aerial shot looking down at Brett Cumming, Principal of Broken Hill North Public School, standing in the Broken Hill Living Desert and Sculptures park. As the camera descends towards him, the words ‘teach.Rural, Western NSW’ appear on the screen. This begins a montage of various scenes.

Scene (Montage):

An ascending drone shot above the trees of Broken Hill Park, looking out across the town, with Line of Lode Lookout and Miners Memorial in the background. Then there is a transition to a panning view of Broken Hill Twin Lakes.

Scene (Montage):

Six people sitting on the bow of a houseboat on the Murray River at Coomealla. Two more people are being welcomed aboard. We are shown several shots of the people enjoying conversation with one another. The camera transitions to a panning view of a river. There are several boats moored here. The closing shot is a time lapse sunset on Murray River. A boat is sailing by with its front lights on.

Scene (Montage):

This is a twilight scene, looking up Argent Street, Broken Hill. A sign in the foreground shows an old photograph, with the title ‘Argent Street, 1906’. Another angle of Argent Street, looking west towards the Broken Hill Post office, and the setting sun behind it. We view a man and a woman walking away from camera to Broken Hill Trades Hall. Next a woman walking in the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. And then a man and a woman walking towards the camera along Argent Street.

Scene (Montage):

A man with his family walking their dog downhill towards camera. The man and his two sons pat the dog. A dirt track outside the town. One of the sons smiles and shows off to the camera, then we are shown the man jogging along the dirt track away from camera. The scene then dissolves to two still shots of Coomealla vineyard and a wide angle establishing shot followed by a close up view of the vines.

Scene (Montage):

Exterior shot, Coomealla High School front building, with a mural, and signage that reads “Coomealla High School, 1974”. Exterior shot of Menindee Central School front sign and noticeboard. Interior, young students sitting in Burke Ward Public School hall, facing the front, away from camera. Many of them are raising their hands. Interior, camera is focused on a teacher in the centre of a classroom of students at Menindee Central School. Exterior, the teacher is now engaging with her student football team at Menindee Central School, briefing and then practising.

Coomealla Central School, a teacher and her students are walking away from a demountable building toward camera. The camera then focuses on the teacher as she sits with them at a table.

Scene (Montage):

Interior, a classroom at Gol Gol Public School. A teacher and her students are watching an electronic bee toy rolling across a grid of words which have been placed on the floor.

Interior, a cooking class at Gol Gol Public School. A young student is dumping a cup of flour into a large silver bowl, while other students watch.

Exterior, the teacher and her students are tending to their kitchen garden.

Scene (Montage):

Fade to a time lapse driving along a street at Coomealla. Fade to a time lapse of sunset on Murray River. Various portrait shots of smiling students at Coomealla Central School and Burke Ward Public School.

Closing Scene:

Video ends with an aerial shot of the Living Desert and Sculptures park with the vast western landscape stretching to the horizon. An outline of the state of NSW appears superimposed, with a portion highlighted to indicate the approximate area of Western NSW.

Text appears: ‘How far can teach.Rural take you?’ Find out more – www.teach.nsw.edu.au’.

Video Ends:

Fade to white as NSW Government logo appears with text: ‘Copyright 2018, NSW Department of Education.’

Text: ‘Produced by Branding and Promotions, Human Resources Directorate.’

Music credit: ‘Music by Dominik Schwarzer, courtesy of Shutterstock Inc.’.