Inland southern NSW - How far can teach.Rural take you?

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW travelled to many different parts of NSW to cast a spotlight on the benefits and opportunities of teaching in rural and remote places. This video is a montage of scenes which were filmed in various locations around inland southern NSW.


The video begins with a drone aerial shot looking down at the Murrumbidgee River. The words ‘teach.Rural, Inland Southern NSW’ appear on the screen. This begins a montage of various scenes.

Scene (Montage):

The scene starts with a sweeping shot of a windmill and waterhole at Hay and a long shot of an image of rolling hills at Kosciuszko National Park (Image from Destination NSW).

Scene changes to aerial shot of Hay War Memorial High School grounds, students in a large huddle on the school grounds waving. Following by wide panoramic early morning ground fog view from Mt Tilga (Image from Lachlan Shire Council). Moving to a wide shot of Coleambally Wine Glass Water Tower and sunlight shining through a scenic shot of Tumut countryside at Snowy Valleys. (Image from Destination NSW).

Scene (Montage):

Wide shot of town street mall showing post office and town hall and empty flagpole at Hay. Wide shot of Waring Garden at Deniliquin with ducks, followed by a shot of a young family sitting by the lake with their little boy waving to a duck that has come near. Various shots of students of Hay War Memorial High School attending to sheep and feeding calves with bottles of milk and shot of chickens and turkeys just outside their pen.

Scene (Montage):

A wide shot of town centre showing Henry Lawson sculpture at Grenfell on a bench in the foreground (Image from Destination NSW). A wide shot of Coleambally town roadside sign. Then, a panning shot to Hillston Central School exterior sign and noticeboard. A zooming shot of an image of Balranald Central School main entrance, followed by a side-on shot of Hay War Memorial High School exterior sign and a frontal shot of Hay Public School exterior sign.

Scene (Montage):

The scene changes to wide shot of school grounds with students gathered in sheltered areas toward the background at Hay War Memorial High School, followed by a panning wide shot of students playing cricket at Blighty Public School.

Exterior shot of a teacher walking through Deniliquin High School entrance, with school sign visible from a distance. Interior classroom shots with the same teacher and her students doing class exercise at Deniliquin High School.

Scene (Montage):

The scene quickly changes to an interior ICT classroom with teacher at front of classroom, and with her in different shot helping the students at computers at Hay Public School. Another interior wide shot in a TAS classroom with a student raising her hand and answering question at Hillston Central School. A zoom in from an image of food tech class at Balranald Central School where a high school student is helping three young infants to mix ingredients in a bowl. It then changes to a science classroom with a teacher giving instructions to a high school student who is looking through a microscope while two other students watch at Hillston Central School and a quick close-up shot of the microscope.

Scene (Montage):

A low angle medium shot in an art classroom at Hay War Memorial High School with a student showing her teacher her art workbook, and the teacher giving encouragement. An interior shot of two primary students building a tower with maths blocks at Deniliquin North Public School. Exterior long shot of young students play in covered sandpit at Blighty Public School. Transitioning into a shot where a large group of students are standing side by side performing a song and dancing along at Deniliquin North Public School hall. This is followed by a wide shot of two teachers and a group of students are playing ukuleles and a teacher is leading a group of students in an art and craft activity at Blight Public School.

Scene changes to Edward Public School class where young students are gathered around and pointing at various parts of a large Aboriginal mural laid out before them. In the same classroom, a teacher is working with his student at an interactive smartboard.

Scene moves to various portrait shots and cut between four high school students from Hay War Memorial and Deniliquin High School who are smiling at the camera. Then changes to an exterior shot at a teacher’s home backyard, where he and his partner and  interacting with a malamute and a German shepherd.

Closing Scene:

Exterior, close aerial shot of a large huddle of school staff and students at Hay Public School gathered on the grassy school grounds waving upwards. They are waving to the camera as it pulls away into the air. An outline of the state of NSW is superimposed, with a shaded portion indicating the approximate area of inland southern NSW. Text appears: 'How far can teach.Rural take you? Find out more -'.

Video Ends:

Fade to white as the NSW Government logo appears with text: 'Copyright January 2018, NSW Department of Education.'

Text: 'Produced by Branding and Promotions, Human Resources Directorate.'

Music credit: ‘Music by Yan Perchuk, Courtesy of Shutterstock Inc.’