Inland northern NSW - How far can teach.Rural take you?

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW travelled to inland northern NSW to capture the journey of teachers working in rural and remote NSW. This video breaks down the misconceptions about working in these areas.


The video begins with drone footage over the Darling River. The view is accompanied by background music. The words ‘teach.Rural – Inland Northern NSW’ appear on screen. The video is a visual montage of natural, cultural and school images.


An aerial view of the Darling River and North Bourke bridges. Drone shot of Moree Secondary College and Moree East Public School. An aerial view of Siding Springs Observatory, Coonabarabran NSW. Drive-by footage of emus on fields near Wee Waa and a River in Moree. A cross to a sunset while travelling away from Lightning Ridge, a shot of the Mendooran town welcome sign, a series of moving shots featuring signage to Brewarrina Central School, Moree Secondary College and Garah Public School.

Footage focuses on students and teachers. This includes:

Moree East students cheering, Moree Secondary Students walking with teacher, a teacher walking through Moree East School, Moree East students with a teacher, Moree East students interacting with projection board, The Wee Waa hospitality sign, the hospitality teacher with students learning cooking skills.

Camera crosses to night time footage shot near Narrabri, NSW and a teacher coaching rugby, Moree East Secondary college kids playing touch football, teachers instructing students in class, Bellata students with chickens and smiling, Garah students painting, children swimming at the Brewarrina Shire Council pool, Moree East Public school teachers relaxing in swimming pool, montage of smiling teachers and students and a Mendooran student waving.

Closing Scene:

Video ends with a drone shot of Lightning Ridge with end credits.

“How far can teach.Rural take you?”

Text appears: ‘How far can teach.Rural take you?’ Find out more –’.

Video Ends:

Fade to white as NSW Department of Education logo appears with text: ‘Copyright 2018, NSW Department of Education.’

Text: ‘Produced by Branding and Promotions, Human Resources Directorate.’

Music credit: ‘Music by Peter Nickalls, courtesy of Shutterstock Inc.’.