Teach and make Dubbo your home


The teach.NSW team travelled to Dubbo in central western NSW where they interviewed Andrew Jones, acting Executive Principal of Dubbo College.

Andrew describes the role of Executive Principal and the skills and attitudes that the prospective applicant would need to bring to the role. The video portrays the town of Dubbo as a peaceful yet cosmopolitan rural town, and Dubbo College as a modern and collaborative institution with good rapport between staff and students.


The video begins with a peaceful creek and an establishing aerial shot looking down on the town of Dubbo.

While Andrew speaks, the video shows a montage of scenes establishing the various school campuses of Dubbo College. Andrew is shown collaborating with staff and students.

We are then shown a closeup of a town statue, a woodfire and meal, and an idyllic outdoor setting featuring a flock of ducks on a small garden lake. The video closes with an aerial shot of the town of Dubbo at dusk.


Dubbo has everything you really need. It’s big enough to still have some anonymity, but small enough to have that sense of community.


Dubbo College is a great place to work because you become very very quickly a part of the community, and an important part of the community.

The skills and attributes that you would need to bring to the executive principal’s role would be the ability to communicate with all levels of our community. You’ve got to be the sort of person who wants to step back and be able to have an overarching vision of where you want to take three schools, 1,800 kids and that large staff, and where you want to see them move to in the future.

It’s about continually improving, and that’s the challenge of the executive principal; How am I going to make the college, and all it entails, an even better place, and a place that the people of Dubbo and the wider community see as something special and value.


For anyone relocating or thinking about relocating to Dubbo, you won’t be disappointed.


I wouldn’t be working anywhere else.

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Teach and make Dubbo your home.

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