teach.Rural - Teach and make Trundle your home!


teach.NSW travelled to Trundle in central western NSW. They interviewed staff and students from Trundle Central School, who spoke with pride about their school, its facilities, and community spirit.


The video begins with an outline of the state of NSW, with a dot showing the approximate location of Trundle. The map outline frames a shot of students walking in the school yard of Trundle Central School. We are briefly shown the school sign before being introduced to John Southon, Principal at Trundle Central School.


Rural schools actually generate the culture of the town, and I believe we achieve that at Trundle Central.


The school’s TAS workshop. We are introduced to Nicholas, a student at the school. We are then shown a montage of shots in which Nicholas participates with other students making mechanical repairs to a motorcycle.


Trundle Central School is a fantastic school because it's provided us with the things that we want to do when we get older and leave school.


A classroom in which students are using a combination of desktop computers, laptops and iPads. We are introduced to Joanne, a Learning Support Officer at Trundle Central School.


Everyone has a computer, everyone has access to iPads. The 3D printer is second to none.


A classroom in which Toni, a teacher at the school, is engaging with her students. She is sitting among them on the floor. The scene changes to show them sitting together outside on the grass.

Toni (Teacher, Trundle Central School)

When I first arrived at this school, I was overwhelmed with how welcoming the staff and students were, and glad to see that everybody got a go.


We are shown some final scenes of the school yard with students at play, interspersed with shots of John interacting with fellow staff members in the office.


I'm very proud of the staff and students at this school. I'm very proud of the attitude the staff have, where they are very much student-focused. They have to provide an environment within the school that it's children really want to come to school every day, and we've achieved that.

Teach and make Trundle your home!

Closing Scene

A close-up shot of some flowers from the school garden is framed by a map outline of NSW. This is superimposed by text: ‘Teach and make Trundle your home. Find out more: teach.nsw.edu.au

Fade to NSW Government logo.


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