Teach and Make Tibooburra Your Home


teach.NSWtravelled to Tibooburra, a small outback town in far north western NSW. They interviewed three people from Tibooburra Outback Public School, as well as a member of the community, who spoke with pride about their town, school, and community spirit.


The video begins with Dakota, a young student at Tibooburra Outback Public School. As the video progresses, we are introduced in turn to Johnny A (Captain of the Tibooburra Rural Fire Service), Renee (Principal at the public school) and Susan (a teacher at the public school). The video is interspersed with scenes from the school, the town, and surrounding areas.


Oh yeah... It's on a map. I don't know where it is.


Opening title ‘Tibooburra’. We are shown an outline of NSW, with a dot indicating the town’s approximate location. The outline frames a shot of the town street.

Johnny A

Tibooburra is unique in its location. It's different. Within an hour and a half, you can be in three states at once.


Various shots of some of the school students laughing and engaging in classroom activities.


I absolutely love the community. And the students, they just make you smile each day.


At our school, we're very well resourced, especially in terms of technology.


Johnny A has brought his fire truck to the school. The kids are shown climbing aboard into the back of the truck.

Johnny A

I'm at the school a fair bit, and interacting with the kids. And the kids love it! [To kids] Is everybody happy?




An aerial shot looking down on the school. Then there are various shots of Renee and her staff interacting with students, parents and community members.


This school is the heart of the community, absolutely. We get to know each other really well in a small school, and so you're able to support each other.


It's just a fantastic place to be. Go rural, go remote - it's one big family with a spot open for you!

Closing Scene

A close-up shot of a cluster of Sturt’s Desert Pea flowers is superimposed by text: ‘Teach and make Tibooburra your home. Find out more: teach.nsw.edu.au

Fade to NSW Government logo.


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