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teach.NSW travelled to Leeton, in south western NSW. The team interviewed Travis, the Principal at Parkview Public School, and Clare, a teacher at the school, who both spoke warmly of the community spirit that exists in their school among the staff and students.


The video begins with the sun rising over a wide natural scrub landscape. We are introduced to Travis and then Clare. As they speak, we are shown various scenes of school staff and students. A group of students enter the school premises and are met by Travis. Other students are enjoying activities with Clare in the school hall. The school staff are shown collaborating together in the staff rooms, as well as enjoying time together in a café outside of school.


Parkview Public School is a community hub and a great place for the kids to come and feel safe, and learn, play, and have a great time.


The staff here are a little family, really. We all support each other. We enjoy catching up for a coffee, having a laugh. A lot of us have friendships outside of school as well.


We've got some wonderful practitioners who certainly cater for the individual needs of every child and work really hard to make sure that lessons are targeted at their needs.


The students at our school are incredibly energetic. They're caring, they're fun, and they make coming to work every day just … a delight, really.

So regardless of what stage of life you're in, you certainly wouldn't regret coming to a town like Leeton. If you're open to new opportunities and you embrace the community and what there is to offer, you will have an experience that you would never imagine.

Closing Scene

Video ends with the sun setting over a marsh landscape. An outline of the state of NSW appears with a dot marking the approximate location of Leeton.

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