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teach.NSW interviewed Kyle Bryant, the principal of Narrandera High School, in inland southern NSW. He talked about what led him to become a teacher and principal, as well as the benefits that rural areas like Narrandera provide in terms of career progression and home life.


The video begins with the opening title ‘Narrandera’, and an outline of a map of NSW with a dot showing the approximate location. We are introduced to Kyle who is locking his car and walking through the front gate of Narrandera High School. He is speaking interview-style to camera. As he speaks, the video shows a montage of scenes in which Kyle visits some classrooms within the school and interacts with some of the teachers and students. There are also scenes of Kyle with his wife and two young children.


What attracted me to teaching in this region is the opportunity, and one of the things Narrandera provides, and rural teaching in general, is opportunities.

Teaching is in my blood; my parents were both primary school principals. And whilst I was at university, I became an academic mentor for other students. I felt like I enjoyed it, and obviously the natural link there is to get into teaching.

I think if you’re considering going for executive positions, it’s a very wise decision to look at a rural area, because it would be a good place to start progressing a career.

When I first came to the town, it was only my wife and I, though I guess my daughter and son are born and bred in Narrandera now. It’s just a great place to raise a family and I think that’s something that I’ve really enjoyed about Narrandera.

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