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Over the course of their travels, team members from teach.NSW have interviewed numerous people from rural and remote schools and locations. This video spotlights three principals – Karen, Principal, Burke Ward Public School in Broken Hill, John, Principal, Trundle Central School, and Terrie, Principal at Ungarie Central School. They talk about the professional and personal benefits that come from choosing a rural school as a platform to build a career.


The video begins with an aerial shot of the Murrumbidgee River as it flows past a riverside town. The words ‘Join something special’ appear superimposed. As Karen, John and Terrie speak to camera, we are shown a montage of indoor and outdoor scenes from their schools, with students and staff engaged in various school activities.


It's a fantastic opportunity to go to some amazing schools to work with incredible staff to become parts of amazing communities.


These are the places for you. If you look at coming here as an excellent way of establishing your teaching craft, establishing your rapport with kids, and getting teaching technique, the community will embrace you when they see that you are embracing them.


I look for someone who is resilient. If you are looking to become a leader, teaching in a rural area is such a fantastic opportunity to develop your capacity as a leader.


Don't discount a temporary contract, for numerous reasons. One reason is that a temporary contract could lead to a permanent position. Also some of the benefits of permanency are also now extended to temporary teachers. If you embrace the town, you will find that these types of locations will set you up for life.

Closing Scene

Video ends with a shot of a town park fountain. Text appears superimposed.

Text: ‘How far can teach.Rural take you? Find out more at teach.nsw.edu.au’


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