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The teach.NSW team travelled to Brewarrina, in north western NSW. Team members visited Brewarrina Central School, and while there, they interviewed two students (Stevee and Jana Lee), two teachers (Sandy and Samuel), and the Principal (Christine). They considered their school to be ‘like a family’ – an integral part of the town community, with everyone sharing a common vision of doing their best for the students.


The video begins with an aerial shot of the Barwon River. An outline of the state of New South Wales appears superimposed, with a dot showing the approximate location of the town of Brewarrina. We are immediately introduced to Stevee who speaks to camera. From this point, as Christine, Sandy, Jana Lee and Samuel speak, we are shown a montage of indoor and outdoor scenes at the school, with students and staff engaged in various school activities.


At Brewarrina Central School, we are like a family.


The staff, the students, the community, and the town itself is just an amazing place where there is so much potential.


The students that I teach are wonderful. They always come to school smiling, and they are always willing to give everything a go.


I think that Brewarrina Central has a lot of programs that operate within it to make students' lives and students' experience at school a really fulsome experience.

Jana Lee

School is a very important part of the community, especially for a small town like this.


The parents play a big role at Brewarrina Central School because they know that they have an input.


Everybody has the same vision, and that is to do the best for the children. And I just want the students here to know Brewarrina will always be here for them, and it's a place where they can come back to because it's a wonderful place.

Closing Scene

Video ends with a shot of the Brewarrina Central School front entrance. Text appears superimposed.

Text: ‘Teach and make Brewarrina your home. Find out more at teach.nsw.edu.au’


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