Casual teachers

Casual teachers are employed on a day-to-day basis in NSW public schools to replace temporary or permanent teachers who are on short-term leave. Casual teachers are paid a daily rate based on the number of years of training and experience and loaded to include a component for sick leave and holiday pay. In 2015, a four-year trained teacher earns between $323.00 and $372.93 per day, as per the Crown Employees (Teachers in schools and related employees) salaries and conditions award.

Casual teaching offers variety and flexibility, hence it's a great way to start your career and develop your teaching skills in NSW public schools, particularly while you're completing the final two semesters of your teacher education studies.


If you have been approved to teach as a casual or temporary teacher in NSW public schools, you can register with ClassCover.

ClassCover is your online CV, giving you direct access to hundreds of schools. Free to use and featuring comprehensive support and modern functions, it’s already in use at more than 700 NSW public schools.

You can also approach NSW public schools directly to advise that you are available for casual teaching positions.

For more information on ClassCover or casual teaching in NSW public schools, visit the department’s Jobs and Opportunities webpages.

Mandatory training – anaphylaxis and e-emergency care

To work as a casual teacher, you will need to have completed the NSW Department of Education's mandatory anaphylaxis and e-emergency care training modules.

The anaphylaxis e-learning module is hosted in the department's new e-Safety system, which also stores all staff training records and certificates of completion. For support and assistance in using the e-Safety system, there are online 'how to' guides.

To access the new e-learning module you will need to log in to the Department's staff portal. If you do not know your portal access details please contact the department's IT help desk on 1300 32 32 32.

The mandatory e-emergency care course is found on the department's website. This training has to be completed once every three years. This course is also accessible via the department's staff portal.

For support or advice regarding these training requirements please contact the department's Work Health and Safety hotline on 1800 811 523.