Aaron, physics teacher

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW interviewed Aaron to find out what he loves about being a physics teacher in a NSW public school.


The video begins with physics teacher Aaron, from the NSW Department of Education, in his classroom helping his students. The video cuts between an interview style with Aaron and scenes of his physics class. When the speaker begins, there is an animated text which appears next to his face with the name Aaron.


“I always liked the idea of having a job where you are contributing to society and helping to make the world a better place and give something back to the community.”

“And I guess I chose science because of the skills that it gives you. I also chose it because I find it fascinating and I find the knowledge that we learn through science fascinating. Finding out how our bodies work and how cells work and then also finding out about how the universe works, so the physics behind everything. You know, why do things fall and why do things stick together and why do things fall apart and I think that a lot of students find that inherently fascinating too and so it's quite easy to have a classroom where you have students that are really interested and engaged in the information that you’re teaching.”

“Having students working on a problem and working together in groups to try to come up with a solution and find the answer to a question is a really inspiring environment to be in. The other thing you’re guaranteed as a teacher every single day of your career is that you're going to laugh and I think you need embrace that and enjoy that.”

“What I love about teaching physics specifically, is that you get to develop skills in people that they're going to use in all forms of their life. That ability to think about a problem critically and thinking about how you’re going to solve it is invaluable and whether they go on to a career in science or accounting or law or whether they go off and do anything, even outside of their career, even in day to day life when making decisions - `Who do I vote for? Do we need renewable energy? What kind of petrol should I put in my car?’ These are all decisions that should be made based on evidence and based on critical thinking and I think it's really important that our society has those skills. So, by teaching physics and being physics teacher we're able to help develop those skills in our students.”

The video ends with a fade out to the teach.NSW logo