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Combined Interview – Emma, Andrew, Nicole and Justin

NSW Department of Education


teach.NSW interviewed Emma, Andrew, Nicole and Justin to find out what inspired them to become school counsellors and what kind of advice they had to offer to anyone thinking about a career in school counselling.


The video begins with an opening title: ‘Let’s Talk School Counselling Services’. It then displays title screens throughout which ask the questions, ‘What inspired you to become a school counsellor?’, ‘Characteristics to become a school counsellor’, and ‘What advice do you have for future counsellors?’. Each person is shown individually, speaking in an interview style. The video cuts away to each person in turn.

Opening Title

Let’s Talk School Counselling Services.


What inspired you to become a school counsellor?


‘I was inspired to become a school counsellor because I’d been working in special ed, working in a special school for children with behaviour disorders. And I really wanted to continue working in special ed and school counselling presented a really interesting way to do that, outside of the classroom.’


'When I was lucky enough to shadow a school counsellor in a primary school, while completing my psychology registration process and I was really impressed by her work with young students.'


Characteristics to become a school counsellor


‘Number one is you need to have empathy, you need to be a really good listener, and a good communicator in general.’


What advice do you have for future counsellors?


‘It’d just be that it’s the best job in the department. It’s unique and it’s difficult and it’s rewarding.’


‘The knowledge that you get, and that you can use on top of what you already have as a teacher is amazing, you work with amazing people and you can really make a difference in schools when you go back to work as a school counsellor, so I recommend it to anyone considering it.’


‘I think if you have students’ wellbeing at heart then school counselling could be for you, and go for it.’


‘I would say "just do it", it’s a scary leap to make when you’re comfortable within your career but you’re going to meet some people who are like-minded and into similar things that you’re interested in, and you’re going to learn and grow so much both professionally and personally, so just do it.’

Closing Title

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The video ends with a fade out to the teach.NSW logo