Christy - School Counsellor Sponsorship recipient


teach.NSW interviewed Christy, a School Counsellor Sponsorship recipient. She talks about how the sponsorship enabled her to combine her love of teaching with the opportunity to study and develop her interests in psychology and wellbeing, knowing that she had the support of the department behind her.


The video begins with Christy in an outdoor setting talking with her peers. Opening titles appear superimposed: ‘School Counsellor Sponsorship programs’.

We are then introduced to Christy who is speaking interview-style to camera. As she speaks, the video shows a montage of scenes depicting Christy in an adult classroom environment, sitting at a desk with other students taking notes, and socialising with some of her classmates outside the building.


If you’re interested in psychology, if you’re interested in wellbeing, I think that this is the pathway for you.

I am most excited about being in a counsellor role because I’ve loved my time as being a teacher, but I also feel so inspired about the knowledge development that I’ve had through my psychological studies.

So being able to work in a role where I can put both of my passions together, I think that’s really important and it’s what drives me.

The financial benefits that I’ve been afforded with in this program really made the choice easy for me to continue studying, having that support from the department.

I would tell other teachers who are considering counselling - do it!

Closing Scene

Fade to teal.

Text appears:

  • ‘Psychology Sponsorship’
  • ‘Rural School Counsellor Sponsorship’
  • ‘Metro School Counsellor Sponsorship’

The text is replaced with a call to action: ‘Head to & apply now’.

Fade to NSW Government logo.


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