The Preventure Program – Personality targeted drug and alcohol prevention

Personality-targeted interventions have proven highly effective in school-based drug and alcohol prevention. By targeting personality styles that increase risk, the Preventure program has been effective in reducing the uptake and harmful use of alcohol and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression when administered by a teacher, school counsellor, school psychologist or experienced special education teacher..

Preventure is an evidence based brief intervention aimed at assisting students to develop personality-specific coping strategies. Students with high-risk personality profiles, as identified by a screening questionnaire, are invited to participate in two 90-minute group workshops.

The workshops focus on motivating adolescents to understand how their personality style leads to certain emotional and behavioural reactions.

Four different workshops are run, each focused on developing specialised coping skills relevant to the following personality styles:

-          Sensation Seeking
-          Impulsivity
-          Anxiety Sensitivity
-          Negative Thinking

Workshop Dates:
7 – 8 November 2017


For Further information please contact:
Troy Toshack, Psychological Services Registration Advisor
Telephone: (02) 9266 8917