Managing School Refusal – An Evidence Based Approach

School refusal occurs when a student stays home from school with parental permission due to emotional distress about some aspect of attendance.

School refusal is often a challenging problem to manage as it requires the child or young person to do something that provokes fear, and it requires all involved to be working together towards a common goal of improved attendance.

This interactive workshop will provide a model for understanding and supporting families where a child/teen is refusing to attend school. It will include evidence-based assessment and management techniques used by the School Refusal Program, run by the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry & Psychology, Monash University. The workshop will feature case study material and contemporary research findings on school refusal.

One day workshop on either:
7 November 2017
8 November 2017
9 November 2017


For Further information please contact:
Troy Toshack, Psychological Services Registration Advisor
Telephone: (02) 9266 8917