Assessing Children and Adolescents with Hearing Loss

This workshop provides a systematic, research-based and practical approach to the psychological assessment of children and adolescents with hearing loss. The scientific literature on the impact of hearing loss on the development of language, cognitive and academic skills will be reviewed.

We will critically evaluate commonly used measures, and identify those tests best suited for assessing hearing-impaired children. A framework for the psychological assessment of hearing-impaired children will be presented, in which information obtained from interviews, questionnaires and observation is integrated with test results to facilitate the development of an individualised case formulation.

The administration and interpretation of specific tests will be demonstrated, including a range of nonverbal measures. We will explore how to write accurate and useful reports of the results and implications of assessments of children and adolescents with hearing loss.

Workshop Dates:
16 & 17 November 2017


For further information please contact:

Troy Toshack, Psychological Services Registration Advisor

Telephone: (02) 9266 8917