School Counselling Service Scholarships for Workforce Development

The School Counselling Service Graduate Scholarships for workforce development support school counselling staff to complete short term, specialised courses in areas of psychology and wellbeing to enhance their capacity to meet the needs of students.

Funding for scholarships is provided through the NSW Government’s Supported Students, Successful Students initiative.

For more information please contact:

Vicki Melitas, Workforce Development Advisor, Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships on (02) 9244 5424 or via email at

See below for some of the courses and professional learning opportunities:

Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma - The Australian Childhood Foundation

The Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation is an innovative and practical post graduate qualification being offered to the school counselling workforce to enhance their practice with children and young people who have experienced abuse, neglect and family violence.

Complex Trauma in Childhood and Adolescence - Associate Professor Tim Hannan, Charles Sturt University

This two-day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the nature, assessment and treatment of “complex trauma” in children and adolescents, where this term refers to the experience of physical, sexual or psychological abuse, emotional neglect or abandonment, or exposure to violence at home or in the community.

(Note for current or prospective Charles Sturt University (CSU) students: this workshop is equivalent in content and duration to the residential school component of the CSU postgraduate subject PSY542 Child Interventions 2).

Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education) - Melbourne Graduate School of Education

The Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education) provides a foundation in the science of positive psychology and its application in education settings. The course is designed for educators, youth workers, school counsellors, school psychologists, health professionals and administrators who are working in schools and other educational settings. Participants will learn about different theories of wellbeing and flourishing, examine core positive education constructs, and explore positive interventions that can be used in learning environments to build wellbeing and resilience in students and staff. The course also explores how educators can initiate and lead systematic change across educational communities, wellbeing policy, and the role of measurement and evaluation. Activities and assignments help participants to apply the different concepts and strategies to their own educational setting.