School Counselling Service Scholarships for Workforce Development

The School Counselling Service Graduate Scholarships for workforce development support school counselling staff to complete short term, specialised courses in areas of psychology and wellbeing to enhance their capacity to meet the needs of students.

Funding for scholarships is provided through the NSW Government’s Supported Students, Successful Students initiative.

For more information please contact:

Vicki Melitas, Psychology Service Development Coordinator, Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships on (02) 9244 5424 or via email at

See below for some of the courses and professional learning opportunities:

The Preventure Program – Personality targeted drug and alcohol prevention

Personality-targeted interventions have proven highly effective in school-based drug and alcohol prevention. By targeting personality styles that increase risk, the Preventure program has been effective in reducing the uptake and harmful use of alcohol and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression when administered by a teacher, school counsellor, school psychologist or experienced special education teacher.

Preventure is an evidence based brief intervention aimed at assisting students to develop personality-specific coping strategies. Students with high-risk personality profiles, as identified by a screening questionnaire, are invited to participate in two 90-minute group workshops.

The workshops focus on motivating adolescents to understand how their personality style leads to certain emotional and behavioural reactions.

Four different workshops are run, each focused on developing specialised coping skills relevant to the following personality styles:

-          Sensation Seeking
-          Impulsivity
-          Anxiety Sensitivity
-          Negative Thinking

Managing School Refusal – An Evidence Based Approach

School refusal occurs when a student stays home from school with parental permission due to emotional distress about some aspect of attendance.

School refusal is often a challenging problem to manage as it requires the child or young person to do something that provokes fear, and it requires all involved to be working together towards a common goal of improved attendance.

This interactive workshop will provide a model for understanding and supporting families where a child/teen is refusing to attend school. It will include evidence-based assessment and management techniques used by the School Refusal Program, run by the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry & Psychology, Monash University. The workshop will feature case study material and contemporary research findings on school refusal.

Psychological Assessment of Aboriginal Children and Adolescents

This workshop provides a systematic, research-based and practical approach to the psychological assessment of Aboriginal children and adolescents. We will explore the impact of cultural and linguistic factors on the development of academic skills through the school years. The strengths and limitations of psychological instruments will be reviewed, and a framework for the effective psychological assessment of Aboriginal children will be presented. Specific assessment methods will be demonstrated, including the conducting of interviews, the use of questionnaires and specialised tests, and the development of individualised case formulations.