Hear about the International Teacher Exchange program

Damien: The most satisfying thing about teaching in Canada was meeting new staff and meeting new kids. Although they're new, they're very similar to Australian kids in that they need boundaries, they need to be challenged, and they need patience and consistency from their teachers.

Adam: I think it gives you the opportunity to get an in depth understanding of how Australia works, both from a teaching perspective and of the culture.

Michele: Exchange is an incredible opportunity to see a whole new environment, to see different styles of teaching, and to really broaden possibilities for your career.

Damien: I saw the exchange overseas as a really good opportunity for my family, and me, to grow as people.

Roger: I know a lot of other teachers who have been involved in the exchange program. They had only had really positive things to say about the program. So I had no hesitation in our school being involved.

Damien: For a teacher considering exchange I would just say go for it, you need to have a sense of adventure.

Adam: I would say if you're willing to experience new things and have fun, go for it.