Through studying my Masters, I am developing the skills that will allow me to work within different roles in the school; whether it be as a classroom teacher or a learning support teacher.”

– Lauren Young, Classroom Teacher at Oran Park Public School

I chose to study my Masters of Special education to gain more knowledge in teaching a range of students with disability. I explored how to work with students who have special education needs, how to prevent disruptive behaviour and teach students with learning difficulties. This degree has helped me become a better educator as now all strategies I use in the classroom are backed by research.”

– Jessica Ciocci, Assistant Principal (Special Education) Milperra Public School

It provides the base to everything I do. I of course endeavour to keep up with best practice but I wouldn't be able to do this without having been trained in how to critically analyse studies, teaching methods or programs.”

– Keely Simpson, Head Teacher of the support unit at Baulkham Hills High School

Through studying my Masters, I gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of teaching, tools and asssements to support the students that I work with and was able to share this with and support other staff.”

– Sarah Madden, Assistant Principal at Sir Eric Woodward School in St Ives, Sydney