Inclusive Practice in Education Scholarship


NSW Department of Education Secretary Mark Scott, and classroom teacher Lauren Young, who is studying for her Masters of Education (Special & Inclusive), were interviewed by teach.NSWfor the new Inclusive Practice in Education Scholarship.

In the video, Mark promotes the scholarship as a new department initiative, encouraging teachers to apply, while Lauren cites the benefits that the scholarship brings her as a teacher, enabling her to study while working and bringing her flexibility to her role.


While Mark and Lauren speak to camera, we are shown various scenes of Lauren in a primary school classroom setting. She is teaching and engaging with her students.


Inclusive Practice in Education Scholarship.


Our classrooms are fascinating places where we try and create an environment where every young person will learn and flourish. And that responsibility lies with all of us in the department.

That's why we're going to make a significant investment in a new scholarship program based around inclusive education.


There's lots of different needs that come in a class now. It's not just one type of student multiplied thirty times.

I knew that I wanted to deepen my knowledge and my skills and understanding to be able to better support them.

I now have the confidence to apply things in the classroom, and I can test and try things, and if it doesn't work, then I've got another strategy up my sleeve that I've learnt, and I apply that and try that. That's really helped them with their behaviour, which has then helped them with their learning.

It is quite a balance, being able to study and work full-time. I think that one of the biggest things that have helped me is the support of my principal and my school.

I have the skills now that I can work in different roles within the school, whether it be a classroom teacher or whether it be as a learning support teacher.


What a wonderful investment we could make in your career to fully prepare you to be the best teacher you can be for all the students in our schools. Have a look online and see if this scholarship program is a great fit for you.


Opportunities for eligible permanent, temporary and casual teachers.

What are you waiting for? Apply now.


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