School Counsellor Psychology Sponsorship Program

A School Counsellor Psychology Sponsorship Program gives you

Tuition fees paid for
Permanent school counsellor position

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Approved teachers who have, within the last ten years, completed a minimum of two first year level psychology units that form part of an APAC accredited sequence of study, with credit, are eligible to get paid to study to become a school counsellor in a NSW public school as part of the Psychology Sponsorship Program.

The Psychology Board of Australia has recently announced changes to the psychology registration pathway and the transition from the” 4+2 internship” to the “5+1 internship” model.  The Department remains committed to supporting teachers to train as school counsellors and will be working with universities to develop a suitable pathway.

Under the Psychology Sponsorship Program teachers are supported to complete an APAC accredited three year undergraduate psychology sequence, over one or two years. Successful applicants would continue to be supported to complete an APAC accredited fourth year and train as a school counsellor.

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