Interim approval to teach

About interim approval to teach

In your final two semesters of study you may be granted interim approval to teach which enables you to teach at a casual or temporary capacity in NSW public schools. Interim approval is valid for six months from the date of issue, during which time you can attend a GRP interview and complete your studies and finalise your GRP application (applies to applications received in 2018).

Once you have successfully completed the GRP interview and the department has received your official academic transcript confirming your course completion, you will be issued with your full approval to teach.


To be eligible for interim approval, you must have:

  • submitted your GRP application and provided all supporting documentation
  • successfully completed all requirements of your teacher education program to date
  • completed all of your professional experience placement requirements (including internships)
  • demonstrated satisfactory English language skills
  • satisfied all departmental recruitment requirements including probity checks.

Teachers submitting an application for approval to teach in NSW public schools from 1 January 2019 must successfully meet all requirements, including their suitability interview, before receiving interim approval to teach.

How to apply for interim approval

To receive interim approval, select the 'request interim approval' option as part of your GRP application. After you have completed your final professional experience or internship, you must email your report to to complete your request for interim approval.

Once the department has confirmed that you have met all requirements, your interim approval to teach will be forwarded via email.

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