Be Inspired

Graduates may not realise that they can explore a lot of professional development in their first year. That kind of help is so paramount in your first year when you are just trying to find your feet.

Jonathan Kim-Sing – Mathematics teacher - Galston HS

I became a teacher because I love to learn, my goal every day is to learn something new and if you think about it, what a privilege it is to be so involved in shaping someone’s life.

Kerrie-Lea – Deputy Principal – Coleambally Central School

When I did my first practicum, I found it really rewarding and something worth pursuing. Now as a teacher I have the opportunity to create a safe and supportive learning environment where students feel welcomed and appreciated.

Ryan - Classroom teacher - Glenmore Park Public School

In my first year as a full time teacher I’m most proud of making learning exciting for my children. I know that I'm going to create an environment that they are going to thrive in.

Jenaya – Classroom teacher – Gymea Bay Public School

The rewards are countless. Every day is a different day and it's not just a job. Coming to work is like coming home to family.

George – Classroom teacher -  Edward Public School – RETIRED